A Logo for Sarah Braun

Having recently finished her studies with Marina Abramović, performance artist Sarah Braun came to me in need of a website to market her talents and services. She had already spoken to several Berlin based designers about creating a website, each one sending her away with the story that it would be impossible to create a website for her budget.

When I heard Sarah’s story and got to know the true extent of her needs, which were more than just a self-managed website and ultimately included an identity system, I told her “Yes, it is possible!” The one caveat was that the website would employ a free wordpress template that I would gently customize and she could manage on her own – and the bulk of her budget would be spent creating a brand identity for her new initiative, including a logo, business cards, the website and consulting.

Thrilled that she would actually get MORE from her budget than she had ever anticipated (and for once did not hear the word impossible), she happily agreed and together we developed an eye popping logo, business cards complete with spot varnish, and self-managed website that speaks precisely of her character and performance personality.