The Dance of the Little Isettas

My nephew Jackson is 3 years old. Having seen the movie “Cars”, the sequel and various spin-offs, he has fallen in love with the automobile in all its permutations and already has a robust collection of hotwheels going. For Halloween last year he dressed up as “Mexican Wrestler Mater” for his big night out with Dad trick-or-treating through the neighborhood. Being a big fan of vintage and exotic cars myself, I am quite happy to share this love with Jackson and am glad that finally there is another auto-afficianado in the family.
Motivated by the Minted design challenge to develop a notebook illustration with a customizable name plate, I created this graphic “The Dance of the Little Isettas” for Jackson. Originally developed by Italian ISO in 1952, the Isetta was later licensed by BMW as an inexpensive economy car for the post-war German market. Since my own youth a few decades later, the diminutive, happy faced Isetta has been an all time favorite car of mine.