Kid’s Note Cards

One morning I woke up with the concept for  “Hello, Can You Hear Me” pictured clearly in my mind’s eye. Like the old “phones” my sister and I would play with as children, I saw two tin cans connected by a length of string that playfully spelled out the word hello. Surely this card will be more effective in getting your message across than those mumbled vibrations coming from those tin-can telephones we played with as kids.

This winner of the Kids’s Personalized Stationery design challenge is fully customizable and available for order in 3 unique color ways Seafoam, Canary and Bubblegum with your choice of backers and skinny wrap envelope labels.

To customize your own version of this card, simply click here and you will be instantly transported to the site where you can select your color way, upload photos and write your own greeting. Thank you for choosing my design!


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