Spreeforum Identity System

SpreeForumLogoCreated a logo and extensible, customizable promotion kit for the HTW / University of Applied Sciences, Berlin. The identity system was developed to promote their ongoing SpreeForum Conference Series – addressing topics of digital diplomacy, tech literacy, open access, net neutrality policies and other issues coloring today’s digital landscape.

The intention of the design toolkit is to allow the organizers of the conference series to easily customize the template with their own selection of images and new content with each new conference in the series. These promotional materials can then be printed as posters, flyers and set as email-ready PDF and jpg graphics to announce the latest edition of the ongoing series, without the need to pay a designer for each update.

SpreeForum Flyer No. 6 - BackSpreeForum Flyer No. 6 - Front

SpreeForum Flyer No. 8 - Front